Procedure for Certification Services

  • Step 1:

    Click the certifications under the "Testing Program" in your right hand side. The test code and details of certification will be shown.

    And Provide the following information by email to
    1. Certification and test code:
    2. First Name:
    3. Last Name:
    4. Tel No:(include the countries code)
    5. Question: (if any question)

    We will reply your e-mail within 24 hours

    E-mail Us

  • Step2:

    Payment and extra information:

    Please send our required information and payment.

    You make payment through Criedt card, Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram or Bank,
    For details, please visit: "Payment". We also offer Seperate payment options which allows you to pay one by one, The package discount will be rewarded to the last payment

  • Step 3

    Receive score report

    After we receive your information and payment, you will pass the exam within 5 business days (10 business days are required for some special exam cases), and email you the exam result. For checking your result at official website of relevant certification issuers, and you can download the e-certificate. please follow the instructions in Check Result and Register.

  • Step 4

    Next exams payment (For multiple exams)

    After checking your result in VUE/Prometric website, please make the further pament for the next exams service.